About Us

Bindly was founded in 2021 by Tomas Vasquez. She started the company because her (trans) brother, who was experiencing dysphoria about his chest, asked her if she could make him a compression top. Tomas gladly took on the challenge and used her sewing experience to develop her first binder for him. More and more people started coming to her for gender-affirming items. What began as a one-room endeavour quickly grew into a larger business with expertise on shapewear for gender-creative people. Over the years the company grew and moved offices to its current location in Los Angeles, California


Fast forward to 2023: Bindly has grown into a thriving business with a dedicated team. Its’ mission is still the same as it had been when Tomas made her first binder back in 2021: to make gender affirming items that celebrate any and every gender expression - with high quality fabrics and a great eye for detail and comfort.